A powerful Word Processor with several useful commands and functions that make writing documents simpler and better.


This program lets users make stunning presentations for business or leisure without the complicated commands.


The perfect solution for users who need to create or edit mathematical formulas which will be placed in other documents.


The easy-to-use spreadsheet program with better tool options than other popular software suites.


A secure and stable program for creating a database for reports and forms and other similar functions.


A secure and stable program for creating a database for reports and forms and other similar functions.

Open DBF Files

The dbf file extension is used by dBASE programs to save database files. To open dbf files you will need to have a copy of dBASE or another xBASE type program. If you do not have access to these programs you can also open dbf files with Open Office Base. Open Office Base is a database program which helps to store data in multiple records with the array style entry fields. You can download Open Office Base for free online.

Open Office Base comes in the Open Office software bundle. Theses programs are open source and free to download and use. Open Office Base will open dbf files as well as a number of other database files created with different database programs.

Open Office Base is a very useful program to have because it is so compatible. The other software that comes in the Open Office bundle is also just as compatible. The bundle comes with office tools such as spreadsheet creator, word processing application, and presentation software. Saving files created with the Open Office bundle is much easier then with any other office program bundle because you can save files in a number of different formats. For example you can open a Microsoft Excel file with Open Office Calc and edit it as well as save it again as a Microsoft Excel file.

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  1. Ross says:

    Recently I upgraded from MS Office 2003 to MS Office 2010.
    I now find that Excel2010 does support editing of DBF files.

    Can I use Open Office Base to do this editing and if so, can I downloaded and install just that module or do I need to use the full bundle?


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