A powerful Word Processor with several useful commands and functions that make writing documents simpler and better.


This program lets users make stunning presentations for business or leisure without the complicated commands.


The perfect solution for users who need to create or edit mathematical formulas which will be placed in other documents.


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A secure and stable program for creating a database for reports and forms and other similar functions.


A secure and stable program for creating a database for reports and forms and other similar functions.

Microsoft Word Free Download

NOTE: OpenOffice will open, edit and save all your .doc and .docx files!

In this day and age of computers being such a part of everyday life, most people find that they need some sort of word processing program. Microsoft Word is the program that most people think of when it comes to word procession but there is no Microsoft Word free download. There is an alternative to Microsoft Word that is an open source application suite that is free to use called OpenOffice. There are advantages and disadvantages to using this program that is similar to Microsoft Word. Download Microsoft Word free is not possible, but you can download OpenOffice for free.

OpenOffice was first developed by the German software company, StarDivision as part of their proprietary software suite StarOffice. Sun Microsystems bought the code for StarOffice in 1999, and began to offer StarOffice free to use with the 5.2 version. The name was change from StarOffice to OpenOffice in 2003 when OpenOffice 1.0 was released for the MacOS X. The latest version of OpenOffice 3.3 is available on Mac and Windows operating systems along with others.

If you are looking for a free Microsoft Word download and find OpenOffice you may wonder what the pros and cons to using this free software instead of Microsoft Word. The biggest pro to OpenOffice is that is is free to download and is available for most operating systems. Other pros are the number of features OpenOffice has and ease of use. It is also available in 40 different languages so it is something that can be used worldwide. There are a few cons to this free software is that if you experience a glitch or a problem, it make take longer for the problem to be resolved. For the most part, though, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to OpenOffice for word processing.

A MS Word free download program like OpenOffice might make people a little nervous in regards to computer safety. But open source doesn’t mean that it will allow your computer to be more vulnerable to attacks. In regards to computer software, open source just means that it is software that has its source code made public so people can use it without having to pay anything for. As long as you download your open source software from a reputable website you should not have to worry about getting viruses or spyware on your computer. There are many open source programs like OpenOffice that are free to use but are safe and reliable programs that you can put on your computer.

OpenOffice is a great free alternative to Microsoft Word. You can download it for free and it has a lot of the functions and features of Microsoft Word. OpenOffice is offered on most of the operating systems that are widely used and it is compatible with Microsoft Word files. There are pros and cons to OpenOffice, but the pros outweigh the cons. This open source software is safe and reliable, so it is a good addition to your computer.

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    I’ve been searching for a free download of Microsoft word for days then I found this. It opened the .docx file I needed to open and edit and it has all the features I would get from Word, but it’s free. It also includes a spreadsheet program which I’m using a lot.

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    I installed Microsoft Word from a torrent site and got a virus. Wish I hadn’t because Open Office does exactly what I need without having to worry about crap getting in to my PC!

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