A powerful Word Processor with several useful commands and functions that make writing documents simpler and better.


This program lets users make stunning presentations for business or leisure without the complicated commands.


The perfect solution for users who need to create or edit mathematical formulas which will be placed in other documents.


The easy-to-use spreadsheet program with better tool options than other popular software suites.


A secure and stable program for creating a database for reports and forms and other similar functions.


A secure and stable program for creating a database for reports and forms and other similar functions.

Microsoft Publisher Free Download

NOTE: Open Office will open, edit and save your Microsoft Publisher .pub files

Microsoft Publisher is great software if you are needing to work with designing different kinds of documents for your business or in your personal life. But, there are issues because as there is no way to download Microsoft Publisher free. It is actually quite pricey to get this software on your computer. Also the newest version, Microsoft Publisher 2010 (there is no 2011+ version yet), is only available for Windows. So you are unable to use this version if you have a different operating system like Mac or Linux. This is why finding a similar program to Microsoft Publisher free download is a great idea. ‘Open Office Draw’ is such a program that can be used in a similar way to Microsoft Publisher.

Since there isn’t a safe and legal free Microsoft Publisher download, many people turn to programs like OpenOffice which are free and a great alternative. OpenOffice was first developed in Germany under the name StarOffice, but in 1999 the code was bought by Sun Microsystems. By August of 1999, the program was free to download and use unlike the unavailable MS Publisher free download. OpenOffice is a suite of programs (just like Microsoft Office), and the one that is most similar to Microsoft Publisher is called Draw which is included with any download of OpenOffice.

You may wonder what the pros to using software such as OpenOffice are, besides the obvious cost advantage. Some of the other benefits are the fact that you can use OpenOffice with many different operating systems instead of just Windows. This program is also available in a many languages, so you don’t have to just be able to speak or read English to use OpenOffice. Even though OpenOffice isn’t a Microsoft product, it is compatible with Microsoft Office files, which makes it even more useful. Many people use Open Office Writer as a Microsoft Word Free Download alternative.

You will also find that it can run on computers with less power. The newest version of Microsoft Office require a couple of gig’s of RAM, a faster processor and sometimes a powerful graphics card. Open Office requires none of these and can run on a computer that lacks the speed of a more expensive model.

Because OpenOffice is a free, open source program, you may worry it having viruses or spyware attached to it when you download it to your computer. Open source just means that this software was developed to be distributed to the public without any fees attached. As long as you download your copy of OpenOffice from a reliable website, you shouldn’t have to worry about infecting your computer. In fact, Open Source also gives you the power to change the problem to your liking!

With all of these great things about OpenOffice, you may wonder if there are any cons to using this software. The only disadvantage to OpenOffice is that if you do have a problem with it, you may have to wait a while before you hear back on how it can be fixed. This is due to the fact that it is a free program, so you won’t get instant customer service when something goes wrong. But there are many communities set up online (forums and blogs) that offer free advice.

But as far as free programs go, OpenOffice is one of the best. The Draw program part of the OpenOffice suite is a great alternative to using Microsoft Publisher. OpenOffice is free, but it does have many features that makes it one of the best open source programs available.

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    i have no money free rules

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    I have been searching the web for an office i can use for my classes. I do not know much about software but this one sound ok. I want to give it a try.

  3. Debra D says:

    This is enormously helpful. My work computer was infected and I lost publisher, needed an immediate and free version to do my job effectively. I already use open office and trust it, so this just confirms my faith in the product.

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    good program

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    I hope this product is helpfull.

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